About the NIA

A venue for this generation – paying homage to the places where scenes were born, raised and nurtured. An autonomous D-I-Y theatre space run by real people showcasing real experiences in real times.

Improving the quality of our lives through shared interactions, events, and celebrations; NIAMOS offer a co-operatively run exhibition, arts, and performance space with a micro bakery, music studio’s, a kitchen and a holistic well-being space.

Our mission

Youth & Community

NIAMOS aim to support, empower and entertain the local community and young people through regular events, education and classes in the creative arts, health and well-being.

Creative Arts

NIAMOS aim to support artists and creatives in the development of their arts and crafts, and offer rehearsal rooms and co-working spaces to support developments in the creative arts.


NIAMOS aim to restore the historic NIA centre building, and reignite community involvement in theatre, health and well-being, and the creative arts.

Health & Wellbeing

NIAMOS are passionate about holistic health and well-being, and aim to partner with practitioners and experts to offer education and classes for clients and the community.

Who We Are. What We Do

The vision for N.I.A.M.O.S is that it’s deeply rooted in the community and will serve as the hub of cultural life for everyone within the area as a thriving arts venue, where people come to experience and participate in a quality programme of work.

Both within the building and through our learning, participation and outreach activities, we aim to be at the heart of Hulme’s cultural life with performances, presentations, productions and classes curated by local people.

Our Means

In order to sustain the NIA centre and pursue our mission, the NIAMOS co-operative put on regular events for the community, rent spaces across the centre and receive donations from community and friends. 


The NIAMOS team put on regular events for the local and wider community, and partner with promoters and community members to offer great events.

Space Hire

NIAMOS have a number of great spaces available to rent, including rehearsal rooms, art spaces, a theatre, a kitchen and bar.


Combined with the money we raise from events and renting spaces, donations from the local community and friends help keep NIAMOS going.


contact us

Give us a ring

+44161 222 2222

Mon – Fri, 8:00-22:00


Find us at the office

Chichester Street, Hulme, M15 3E